Retirement Security

Retirement Security

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I grew up surrounded by hardworking, resilient people. But no matter how resilient, the safety net and earned retirement benefits that our country provides are lifesaving. We need to protect Social Security and Medicare from those who would transform it into something less and break the promise we’ve made to our seniors.

Senator Portman has voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program. His idea would send an individual senior to go negotiate with big, powerful insurance companies for their healthcare on their own -- who thinks that’s a good idea? And Senator Portman has supported the privatization of Social Security. Take the safety net. Hand it to Wall Street. How could that possibly go wrong? Senator Portman also favored raising the retirement age.

Let me explain something because clearly Senator Portman wouldn’t have any way to know this: when you spend your life finishing concrete like members of my family have, and you’re still working into your 60s, your fingers are numb. Your back is bent. Now imagine having to tell a 67-year old concrete finisher: ‘I’m sorry, but millionaire Republican senators with baby soft hands have decided you’re too young to retire.’ That’s outrageous.

That is why I am for strengthening Medicare and Social Security – and I will always oppose efforts to increase the retirement age, cut benefits and privatize Social Security. Ohioans have worked hard and earned these benefits, and I will make sure they are not compromised by Washington politicians like Senator Portman who are prioritizing the interests of the D.C. establishment and the wealthy special interests they serve at our expense.

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