Clean energy isn’t just an issue impacting our climate and our health – supporting these industries is vital for our economic growth.

As Governor, I brought one of the most ambitious renewable and advanced energy standards to Ohio to stimulate jobs in the energy industry and bring predictable electricity rates to Ohio businesses and residents. And it worked: Ohioans saved more than $1 billion on their electricity bills and over 25,000 advanced-energy manufacturing jobs were created. In fact, on my watch, Ohio created more green jobs than any other state.

Establishing Ohio as a leader in the green energy economy is not only good for workers and consumers, it is essential for addressing one of the most important challenges of our century—our changing climate. 

As Senator, I will continue my efforts to build a clean energy economy and position our communities to benefit from all this new economy will bring—more jobs, lower electricity rates, and better public health.

I also believe we need to provide enhanced support to the people of Ohio’s Appalachian communities who have been hurt by changing forces in the energy market.  This is a part of our state that I have a deep connection to and I believe strongly that we cannot abandon them as they grapple with the dynamics of a changing energy economy. Working through a regional approach, we can help position these areas of our state to take advantage of new economic opportunities – including new clean energy industries.

When it comes to energy policy, the contrast between Senator Portman and myself is very clear. Senator Portman doesn’t believe humans are significantly responsible for climate change and has voted to prevent the EPA from regulating carbon emissions. He’s also voted to gut the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and has voted against tougher regulation of carcinogens like arsenic, benzene, and dioxin.

At the same time, Senator Portman has voted again and again to protect tax breaks for large oil and gas companies. That’s why Moms Clean Air Force said Senator Portman was “leading the charge against clean air in Congress,” and the Sierra Club said Portman was “acting on behalf of polluters who back him financially, rather than on behalf of Ohioans.”

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