Corporate Dominance of the Political Process

Corporate Dominance of the Political Process

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision opened the doors to unlimited dark money being used to buy elections. It undermines our democracy and rightly makes people even more frustrated with politics. It has created a rigged system where the Washington establishment and the wealthy special interests spend millions to elect those like Senator Portman who are pushing their agenda at our expense.

In the U.S. Senate, I will work to overturn Citizens United so that to our country cannot be bought and sold. And I will support Supreme Court judges that will put our democracy before the interests of corporate billionaires. I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of the group End Citizens United, who called me a “campaign finance reform champion."

I will also fight for increased campaign finance transparency and I’m already leading on this issue. We’re filing our campaign fundraising report electronically with the Federal Election Commission -- increasing disclosure and saving money for taxpayers. I want to require this kind of electronic filing for all Senate campaigns by supporting the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act.

But Senator Portman has a different set of priorities. He voted against reversing Citizens United and against the DISCLOSE Act, preventing greater transparency of campaign donors and political spending. The group End Citizens United said it best: “Portman has stood squarely in the way of ending the big money that is corrupting Washington,” and “He's become a part of the problem.”

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